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Kennedy is a 21-year-old film student. She has been in the production world since she was two years old as a dancer. But another thing she loved to do is to write and visualize.  She always wondered how films were made. She also noticed that there were not characters on the screen that weren't shown in a positive light or as a stereotype. She saw this with other marginalized groups and this inspired her to learn to direct and write for films. As she goes into college she gained the opprotunity to be a PA under the Atlanta based studio, Space Grey Studios. There her mentor, Victoria Sou, taught her how to use a camera and how to bring a set together for music videos of local Atlanta artitst. In 2019, Kennedy decided to  focus on her own portfolio and created the project "White Noise" that she directed, produced, and edited. She couldn't focus on her own works for too long because she was booked as an assistant for the VH-1 show "Wild n Out". Then in 2020, she was able to direct, produce, and edit her project "Blue". Soon after "Blue" was released, she was interviewed by VoyageATL as a young creator in Atlanta.  After she was booked as a creative director for multiple photoshoots. 2021 comes along and she gains an internship with Cookout Entertainment. There she created pitch decks and worked closely with KarynRose Bryuning and writer Jordan E. Cooper. She created the guest list for the release of the Ms. Pat Show and handled social media for the show. Once her internship ended she worked diligently on her now completed screenplay "Killing Doesn't Hurt" and is currently writing her other screenplays "At the Edge", "Hurricane", "Spoken Word", and "Will I Ever".


Killing Doesn't Hurt (Completed)

Spoken Word (In the Works)

Hurricane (In the Works)

Will I Ever (In the Works)

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